Wide open landscape with a castle in the distance with fog on a hill. Two old friends talking about their adventures in the past. Rock formations hit by sunlight and surrounded by grassy green hills and rocks. People in the foreground and in the background admiring the two pioneer's head statues. Two wizard like individuals looking to the distant entrance carved into some large roots. One of the points with his staff to the destination. A cave where the temperature is very low but still there are plants growing. A camp with very uncomfortable sharp and spikey shapes indicating an evil presence. A golem powered by a plasma spark in its stomach is stomping towards the viewer. A farmer with his cart arriving back in his hometown traveling through a muddy road with trees. A figure standing in a hostile place with poisonous slimy rocks. Astronaut surrounded by strange looking round rocks with unknown minerals. Astronaut standing on a rock looking to the distant world with large trees and flora. An astronaut standing next to his planet explorer spaceship looking at massive icy rocks partly covered in fog. A soldier/knight is scanning the area for suspicious movement. An ancient temple in the distance surrounded by massive round-shaped structures with a bizarre feel to it. A mannequin dressed in red/blue clothes walking pass shiny and smooth rocks with pyramid-like rocks in the distance. Abandoned ruins of an old civilization in a tropical climate overgrown by plants and trees. A man with a red scarf observing big green mountains far in the distance in a cold environment. Man standing at the edge of a rather unusual cliff that leads down to the abyss. Primitive and simple houses made out of basic materials hidden in a vast swamp environment. Huge containers standing in the distance as many people are arriving the place to call it their home. Two travelers standing in a huge cave infront of a massive mushroom where water is flowing from above on top of its big umbrella. Same big fortress in the distance while the sun is rising. A big fortress on a mountain in the distance surrounded by dense misty woods and a horseman observing his destination. Four friends traveling through huge mountains with unusual shapes. Some tree growing in this hostile environment. Ancient crumbling structures where nature started taking control. Two guys in the foreground discovering the once known world. Three explorers exploring the hostile environment of abandoned foggy ruins. Magically flying pieces of ruins floating in the air. Hunter encounters an aggressive, hungry wolf and he gets ready to attack. Green environment concept art with a large waterfall, rich in vegitation and huge mossy cliffs. Large glowing formations of red nebula clouds and a distant galaxy floating in space. Massive red nebula cloud hanging in space. Big star surrounded by glowing nebula clouds made of gas. Nebula artwork with green and yellow colours. Concept artwork of a farmers guy and his wife preparing to go home for the day. Horseman knight concept art in an abstract and minimalistic style with loose brush strokes and multiple layer blending modes. Promotional Concept Art Pioneer-the new world. Huge mysterious mountains with forests wrapped in clouds and thick mist giving it the vast wilderness. Promotional Concept Art. A horseman traveling through woods at night while being aware of dangers like wolfs lurking in the dark. Promotional Concept Art for Pioneer-the new world. A ship going through a river exploring unknown areas. 3D artwork of planet saturn made in Photoshop. The four galilean moons Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto from left to right. A cave with a river running through and with healing herbs. Four environment concept artworks each one of them showing different landscape characters from arctic to lava. Digital artwork of a man with his packed elephant to take on a long journey. Loose artwork of a mighty knight with his weapons of choice, fighting with sword and shield. Environment artwork set in a misty location with a grave like structure in the distance and a person who is visiting it. Knights digital painting made with lasso tool in Photoshop.